3 steps to the perfect eye…




Recently I’ve been loving a much more paired down version of my usual bronzed and taupe smokey day time eye, this has been mainly down to the introduction of a new product that- and I don’t say this term lightly, is a serious game changer. MAC Camel Coat Paint Pot has the ability to wake up tired eyes, drawing attention away from dark circles or any puffiness, it smooths and lifts the eyelid area making it look clean yet not too pale, it is the equivalent of your favourite cashmere jumper that goes with everything and always makes you feel impossibly chic without having to try hard. That’s your step one, step two is not to ruin all that understated sophistication with any harsh eyeliner lines, so cue Daniel Sandler Brown Velvet Waterproof Liner which when drawn over the top lid leaves a soft chocolatey line which works perfectly with your light neutral lid. Then to add some drama, in my case it is MAC Extreme Dimension 3D black lash that does the trick, giving fuller, longer and beautifully inky coated lashes, which, might I add is super easy to get off at night and doesn’t flake in the slightest.

And there you have it, three steps to the perfect understated eye, to recap you need a neutral creamy textured base for your eyelids, a chocolate, grey or navy coloured eyeliner as black is too harsh for this look and a seriously dramatic mascara to finish the look off. If you want an ever more paired down version of the look, do as the Kenzo AW13 catwalk did and just curl your lashes and don’t wear any mascara at all…


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