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Today’s post is about something so ridiculous, but it was a decision that I found hard to make so figure maybe some of you are also in a similar boat. When it comes to the big decisions in life, I seem to have no difficulty in making firm choices. When my fiancé proposed, it took me 5 minutes to say yes, because I forgot that I actually had to say yes, surely it was a done deal? Of course I was going to marry him – a no brainer. Similarly, when I found my wedding dress – it was the one and only one I tried on and that was that – job done. However, when it comes to more fiddly decisions with multiple choices – I get myself in such a tiz. I’m unable to make a decision and stick with it, when it comes to the little things. Whether to go to an exercise class or not (put me and Amelia in a whatsapp conversation about what to do or not and we’ll miss the actual class whilst we’re still debating the pros and cons of going), whether to cancel certain social plans in order to do more work. One of our very generous wedding gifts was the opportunity to create bespoke bedding – the list of colours and patters are so vast that I’ve yet to actually order anything 5 weeks later!

However, with an upgrade looming and the new snazzy iPhone 6 on the market, I excitedly ordered my iPhone 6 in silver, only for a comment from my mum saying “oh, don’t you want the gold? It’s so nice”. I dismissed her quickly – the gold was surely too ghetto, too bling – something that surely on sheiks and rappers would opt for. However, after doing some online research I quickly discovered that the gold was actually more of a muted rose gold and really quite pretty – cue the indecision. Silver would go with my wedding rings, and a lot of the hardware on my handbags, but the gold was so chic and different and would also work with all of my camel and tan items.

After going back and forth I finally decided to commit to the gold for the duration of my 24 month contract. It’s chic, yet muted and really quite cool. The silver is definitely the “safer” choice if you’re after a slicker look and would be ideal for business meetings and looking very together, similarly the black also has a very slick edge, but there’s something just so frivolous yet chic about the gold that I’m mad about. I feel like I made the right decision..



  1. November 6, 2014 / 4:18 pm

    Love this colour! I was more into silver a few years ago but since last year, I love gold (and rose gold) more and more each day! xx

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

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