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I’ve always been convinced that drugstore hair care is no different to higher end products. I’ve always thought that my hair looked just as good with a shampoo that cost well under £5.00 than it does when used with one over £18.00. I never saw the point in buying expensive shampoos and conditioners as the thought of the money just going straight down the drain filled me with guilt – what was the point?

Well about 2 weeks before my wedding, after having my hair freshly coloured I was #feelingspendy and felt the urge to invest in some Kerastase products. I asked my colourist to recommend the best for my hair type and she dutifully showed me the pink Bain Chroma Captive for colour treated hair and the piece de resistance – the Elixir hair masque. I excitedly took them home and used them in the lead up and the actual day of my wedding. Since then, I’m afraid I haven’t looked back at any drugstore hair products. I am totally sold on Kerastase and here’s why:

1) The scent is strong enough to linger on your hair for a day or so without overwhelming you whilst washing, it’s also a very sexy scent that complements any other perfumes.

2) Hair feels ridiculously clean, not weighed down with too much product, but at the same time it also feels silky smooth and soft.

3) My hair dries beautifully totally naturally – no need for a hair dryer (although now that things are getting chillier here in London hair drying is necessary).

4) It stays fresher for longer, I can wait up to three days before needing to wash again due to the beautiful almost mirror like quality and reduced amount of grease.

All in all, they are truly luxurious, indulgent but damn good products that I’m more than a little hooked on. Check back soon for the other high end product (Philip Kingsley) which has worked its way into my hair routine)…



    • October 27, 2014 / 1:43 pm

      Ooh I’ll have to check them out next! x

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